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So unless you are blind and can't see the huge notice at the top of every page, or otherwise some sort of idiot lacking the savant, you will realise that Jose has bought a server for a couple of months.
Please get off your ass and support this. We all know it only takes about 1/2 dozen people to kickstart a server, so in the immortal words of Jean Luc Picard... Make it so.
So thanks Jose! (y)
Server can be found here: Jose's Best Motherfucking Server In The World!
Let's do this shit :dogD:
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It's always hard to get sixteen people together with the intention of playing as an organised unit, but CyberGamer has opened a 16's Conquest Ladder to fill the void left by GameArena's shutdown of their larger format ladders. As a result, Aurora Gaming will be returning to the 16's format, open to all members of the community. All that's required is that you sign up to our CyberGamer team-page, as well as the usual necessities in regards to conduct when wearing the Aurora Gaming tags.

Twelve members have already signed up for the team, and there will be an emphasis on letting those that don't usually play competitive formats have a shot at it. However, we will have players from our more competitive 10s and 5s sides present in most games as to help others improve on their own game, and give a bit of guidance.

If you haven't signed up for the roster, go ahead and do so!
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On the 2nd of November, Aurora Gaming participated in Extra Life, a 25 hour gaming marathon aimed at raising funds for children hospitalised in Children's Miracle Network hospitals. While our community only had four participants who could devote time to the whole 25 hour period, we had a great turn-out over the span of the event, from some of Aurora Gaming's community members, as well as many of CyberGamer's members during our Battlefield 4 launch event.

Given all the issues that we encountered during our barebones launch event, we do still think it was a success. Our forty-man TeamSpeak server quickly filled up, and despite the game server crashing numerous times throughout the night, many people stayed on, endured, and continued to rejoin the server and enjoy the chaos that was 64 player Battlefield on a TeamSpeak server with 40 people in the same channel.

The stream managed to hold well during the event, though we didn't stream the TeamSpeak chatter until about a...
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With Battlefield 4 releasing on the 31st of October, and Extra Life 2013 occurring on the 2nd of November, Aurora Gaming will be tying the two events together with a Battlefield 4 Launch Event in conjunction with the Battlefield community over at CyberGamer.

Make sure to keep your evening open on the 2nd of November, as we'll be running the event from 7PM to 11PM! More information will be released as the day nears.
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While it was generally known that the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) would be returning to Australia in 2014, little information had been leaked as to when, or where, the second exhibition would be taking place. Today, Penny Arcade announced both the venue, and dates, for the 2014 event:

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
31st October - 2nd November

In 2013, Aurora Gaming had their first PAX Australia meet-up; you can check out some photos from the experience here. It's too early to start organising, but here's a heads up, as we're looking to get a mass number at the 2014 event. There is a discussion thread in the Lounge for Contributors if you want to discuss things as the event slowly nears.

We're looking forward to another successful...