Guide: FlashCtrl error[ eVersionLower] ! (Raidcall)

Discussion in 'Technology and Helpdesk' started by d0g™, Nov 7, 2011.

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    OK. So the strangest shit happened last night. I had a build here 2 weeks ago, put raidcall on, but didn't bother setting it up as I wasn't RC admin then, I thought screw it. I'll talk him through it over the phone. Piece off piss right? Wrong. :rolleyes:
    Yup he tried to create an account and got FlashCtrl error[ eVersionLower] !
    In fact he got that trying to open anything in RC.
    OK no probs. I sent him to RC's site to create account. Fine. Same deal signing in.
    OK. No probs. Update flash. (He already had 11). Nah. Chrome says stuff that, you already got the latest. Now I had to start to think. I hate that.
    Next on the list was ol' matey IE and it's bloody activeX controls. Yeah. That was it.

    So if anyone setting up gets that error, the solution is to go here: install and REBOOT (won't work if you don't reboot).

    Really I dunno why this happened, but it wasn't just him, solution comes from raidcall forums so there's plenty of others, I only built this machine ~3 mths ago. Part of my service is configuring and updating everything before handover to user, so got me buggered. I DO hide entry to IE in the bowels, ie. remove start menu any shortcuts etc. And install FFox/Chrome whatever floats your boat, but that should've been recent enough for this to not happen.

    nvm. all sorted. But I can guarantee this will happen sooner or later to someone here, so I thought I'd post that link. And a somewhat longer explanation than I intended. :p

    IE actually being a component of Win_7 SUCKS imo.


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